The unexpected gift that made my day

I have been a little bit low in spirits these days, but fortunately I've got my private super hero who saves me from yapping and pressing the panic button. I received those two lovely cushions with matryohska dolls. That was totally unexpected and really made my day ! Here they are:

I love being surprised !


My heart is broken, when my holidays are ending

Yes, i feel heartbroken. My beloved holidays - the time of lollygaging and sweet undisturbed boredom - are about to end. Now i'm going to toil at 2 majors, bleh !

But let's go back to somewhat more pleasant subjects. As I promised, these are my new Modern Vintage frames.

Frames bought at FLO store

I found my perfect handbag neither at Zara nor at Mango. So I'm still looking for it. They were either too small or just not perfect.

Here you've got something to listen to ! For cold autumn evenings :)


My long-lasting craving is going to be quenched

Today I'm going to buy this lovely black chandelier. I've been yearning to buy it for a long time, and finally i'm going to get it with 15-percent-discount. Yay ! It will go well with my patterned wallpaper.

Gipsy Black Lamp Chandelier (can be bought at Flo stores)

And here is the aforementioned wall paper.

This photo is from the Ikea contest I won :D 

What do you say after you say hello ?

Firstly I want to say hello. And what is next ? Well, this blog will be a story of furnishing and decorating my first own flat. As a lover of beauty, I want to show you all these pretty things I adore. By 'things' I mean not only furniture and decorative stuff, but also videos, music, photos. Everything that I consider to be beautiful.

I hope this blog would last longer than my previous ones.

Wish me luck !