My heart is broken, when my holidays are ending

Yes, i feel heartbroken. My beloved holidays - the time of lollygaging and sweet undisturbed boredom - are about to end. Now i'm going to toil at 2 majors, bleh !

But let's go back to somewhat more pleasant subjects. As I promised, these are my new Modern Vintage frames.

Frames bought at FLO store

I found my perfect handbag neither at Zara nor at Mango. So I'm still looking for it. They were either too small or just not perfect.

Here you've got something to listen to ! For cold autumn evenings :)

3 komentarze:

  1. jakiż Ty masz ładny angielski:D rameczki fantastyczne i tapeta ze zdjęcia gdzieś niżej tez, wniosku ze Twoje mieszkanie bedzie boskie.....gdybym ja miala pinionszki....;)

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