no trouble found(ation) !

I was looking for a foundation that would fit my skin perfectly. I always have a lot of troubles with finding the right colour as my complexion is really really pale. This time I would do whatever it takes to find the right one (so that I won't have to think out how to make it brighter later). Today I was shopping in Sephora and I had that impulse to look through some less popular brands that Sephora offered. And I found Mr. Perfect :) It is T by Terry Light Expert Foundation in a lovely Pale Rose colour (1). It recovers the skin so it looks so healthy and star-like ;) The brush applicator is great and put as much the foundation as you want and where you want. So far it's 10/10 ;) And it was in a great discount ;>


They are GIFTED !

I couldn't believe that two of my favourite artists made a song together ! But they did and it's as good as I expected. They collaboreted under the NASA music project (more http://www.myspace.com/nasa) for its new album "The Spirit of Apollo". I'm glad to present Mr West and Miss Lykke Li :)


Mini Cinnamon Muffins ;)

I've baked them today ;) Cinnamon is the taste that pops up in my mind as soon as think of autumn ;) Yummy !

Recipe (for a happiness:)

1 glassful of flour
1/2 glassful of sugar
2 tsp of bakin' powder
pinch of salt
2 tsp of cinnamon
1 egg
1/2 glassful of milk
5 tbsp of melted butter
1 big diced apple

Heat up the oven to 200. Blend the flour, sugar, bakin' powder, salt and cinnamon together. In the other bowl blend the milk, butter and egg. Now add the "wet ingredients" to the "dry ingredients". Blend the together with a spoon. Add diced apple. Stir once more. Put the dough into the griddle. Bake for 30 minutes.

That's it :)


I'm gonna have something to lay on my lap. At the top of my lap, actually

If you solved that little riddle in the topic of the post (:P), you should know that I bought a laptop! I won't say that it's beautiful, fantastic and good-looking, because it's not...It's just a regular laptop :) I'm not a great enthusiast of computer devices. My laptop is just a thing I work on, I don't care what's inside or how this machinery works. But my bf says it's awesome and that's what I stick to. So here it is - my brand new Lenovo lappy.



I also bought Xerox printer to complete my future workspace.


I know that it's not as nice as some HP's printers, but it's supposed to be a lot cheapier in maintanence and that was the main goal for me.

[pics from auctions Enterprise and olo2001]


Pure fantasy

I find this song so eerie and autumn-like. I had a fantastic opportunity to hear it live last year at Heineken Music Festival, and it was a magical musical feeling ! I recommend the whole "Felt Mountain" album to listen during cold and glum fall evenings. It was my boyfriend who infected me with Goldfrapp, and I'm glad he did ;) I hope you'll get infected too !


Another perfect handbag has been found ! :)

I call it 'another', cause as you remember I swore blind that if i was going to buy a handbag, it would have to have studs...This one is studless, but I fell in love with it as I saw it at Zara store. My new purchase handles easily my loads of copies from studies and seems to be well-made. According to indulging oneself, I also bought a pair of jeans on a special price offer. Next goal - a good foundation !

Recetly, I've seen District 9 movie. I'm not a great admirer of science-fiction movies, but this one was quite good and worth-seeing. I recommend it !


Oh Marc !

Today it's gonna be about fashion! Some time ago I encountered some beautiful jewellery watches designed by Marc Jacobs. Since then I've been thinking about buying one, but of course the price is a bit high, but still reasonable as for a designer product. I find these watches so feminine, simple and smart. Perversely I dare to say they are timeless! Maybe if my flat decorating was finished, I would allow myself to have one of these watches and live in clover at least with one hand or merely with a wrist ;p Oh Marc dear Marc...Why is your stuff so nice and why can't I afford it ? Yes, life is unfair somtimes ;)



The last one is my favourite. I love its chain and this little cute padlock.


Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping.

That is the quote from Bo Derek. And after yesterday I completely agree with it. I was supposed to have bought only a sleeping couch, but unexpectedly (yeah, totally...) I ended up with the aforementioned coach, a dresser, a desk and a big bookcase. That is what I call 'shopping' ;)  I spent a lot of money on that, but I was blissfully happy. Now I need to buy some decorative stuff and the bedroom will be finished! As the furniture are still in the boxes, I'll show you pics from IKEA site. Next week I'm going to unpack them and put them together.

Leksvik Desk from IKEA

Edland chest of drawers from IKEA

Billy bookcase from IKEA

I also bought Beddinge coach from previous post. 

All pics from www.ikea.pl I adore ;)


I'm going to have my own sleep space!

My Ikea voucher has finally arrived, so now I can plan my shopping. Maybe this weekend my dreams will come true and I'll buy my own sleep space. According to my bed, it should be comfortable and spacious. We found a perfect one at Ikea (it's not taking long to figure out that it's my favourite store:). It's relatively cheap and got a fantastic moderately firm foam matterace. At first I had thought about buying Beddinge in fuchsia, but I realized that it would have been too much of pink in one room (my walls are pink too...). Now I'm decided to buy a dark grey one.

Ikea Beddinge Murbo (pic from ikea.pl)

Now I can't wait for the weekend to begin. Not only because I may go shopping, but mainly because I'm very tired. I'm spending 10 or 12 hours a day at my university studing two faculties. That is so exhausting, since you have to be at the peak of  your abilities all the time. I hope I'll manage.


A souvenir from Prague

Last month I visited Prague with my parents and my boyfriend. We found a shop called Manufaktura with traditional Czech crafts and toys. What a fantastic shop! We spent a lot of time there admiring wooden traditional toys and ceramics. We were delighted. I couldn't have left this shop empty-handed. I bought this lovely mug with Krtek - one of the most recognizable Czech cartoon characters.

Here you can visit Manufaktura and shop online ! http://www.manufaktura.cz/


The tune of my summer

This song reminds me a lot of my holidays in Spain. The video is also perfect - got this chilling summer vibe...ohhh I 've got a lot of warm recollections connected with that.

I can't wait to get my voucher from IKEA I won in the contest. I want to to splash out my cash :D I've never thought  there will be a day I'm gonna spend my money so eagerly on something that I can't wear and isn't labeled as clothes, shoes etc. Now if I have to choose between a new lamp to my bedroom and a new pair of shoes, I choose the first option without any doubt. That's strange ! I guess I'm ill. ;)


All good things come to an end...

Today is 1st October. For me this is the end of carefree holiday freedom. I'm back at univeristy and that really sucks.I have to reorganize myself to the dilligent student mode since my whole body and mind suprisingly fast accustomed to the sweet vacation reality. I notice strange pattern between how long my holidays are and what I think when they're finished. They could last 10 days or 3 months or even 1 year, I always have the same conclusion 'I wish they were longer'. I just can't get enough ! This year I've got a lot of new chores as I'm starting my new specialization. Apart from Psychology, I'm also this year freshman at English in Business studies. It would be hard I guess and I feel a bit at sea about it, but I hope I'll be able to manage it !

As to the things I'm dying for, I would love to have a Dala Horse figure. As far as Scandinavian folklore is concerned, it really tickles my fancy ! I've got to e-bay my Dala horse :)

 Found at http://ingebretsens.com/

I would kill for a fabric like that !