I'm gonna have something to lay on my lap. At the top of my lap, actually

If you solved that little riddle in the topic of the post (:P), you should know that I bought a laptop! I won't say that it's beautiful, fantastic and good-looking, because it's not...It's just a regular laptop :) I'm not a great enthusiast of computer devices. My laptop is just a thing I work on, I don't care what's inside or how this machinery works. But my bf says it's awesome and that's what I stick to. So here it is - my brand new Lenovo lappy.



I also bought Xerox printer to complete my future workspace.


I know that it's not as nice as some HP's printers, but it's supposed to be a lot cheapier in maintanence and that was the main goal for me.

[pics from auctions Enterprise and olo2001]

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  1. Laptopy zawsze sie przydaja, no i sa wygodne:) Twoj wyglada elegancko;)