Oh Marc !

Today it's gonna be about fashion! Some time ago I encountered some beautiful jewellery watches designed by Marc Jacobs. Since then I've been thinking about buying one, but of course the price is a bit high, but still reasonable as for a designer product. I find these watches so feminine, simple and smart. Perversely I dare to say they are timeless! Maybe if my flat decorating was finished, I would allow myself to have one of these watches and live in clover at least with one hand or merely with a wrist ;p Oh Marc dear Marc...Why is your stuff so nice and why can't I afford it ? Yes, life is unfair somtimes ;)



The last one is my favourite. I love its chain and this little cute padlock.

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  1. uwielbiam MJ...no i jest on tyle fajny, ze linia Marc by Marc Jacobs nie jest wcale taka droga, a z outletach mozna kupic jego ciuchy praktycznie po przecietnych cenach;)