All good things come to an end...

Today is 1st October. For me this is the end of carefree holiday freedom. I'm back at univeristy and that really sucks.I have to reorganize myself to the dilligent student mode since my whole body and mind suprisingly fast accustomed to the sweet vacation reality. I notice strange pattern between how long my holidays are and what I think when they're finished. They could last 10 days or 3 months or even 1 year, I always have the same conclusion 'I wish they were longer'. I just can't get enough ! This year I've got a lot of new chores as I'm starting my new specialization. Apart from Psychology, I'm also this year freshman at English in Business studies. It would be hard I guess and I feel a bit at sea about it, but I hope I'll be able to manage it !

As to the things I'm dying for, I would love to have a Dala Horse figure. As far as Scandinavian folklore is concerned, it really tickles my fancy ! I've got to e-bay my Dala horse :)

 Found at http://ingebretsens.com/

I would kill for a fabric like that !

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  1. jezu tez chce takego konia! ale jak bylam w sztokholmie to byly jakos kuriozalnie drogie ;( mam depresje, depresje! nienawidze ludzi też i mam ochote rzucic studia i wyjechac do cieolych krajów żebrać ;( blogoslawie los że moge wrócic wieczorem do wlasnego pustego domu i czekac na chłopa i sie mu wyplakac i być wyprzytulaną..... faken, co za pochrzaniona pora roku;(