Christmas gifts :)

yes and now I will boast ;) I love all my gifts and I was given what I wanted :) To start with:

Lolita Lempicki's Forbidden Flower :) One of my favourite scents apart from CK Euphoria. I'm a real perfume lover, so a bottle of wonderful smelling fragrance is always a strike-home-gift :)

Givenchy's Mister Light Corrective Pen - I had a sample of it and so far it's the best corrective pen I've ever had. It lightens and covers what you want, and gives you that fresh look :) In my opinion it's better than famous YSL's Touche Eclat.

This lovely pot is not an actual christmas gift. We bought it long time ago at some junk shop. It's from Bavaria Mitterteich china factory. The handmade pad under it is a Christmas present from my boyfriend's grandma.

Nigella's book ! I was whining about it for a long time :D and now I;ve got it :) So far I\ve tracked some great cake recipies there!

Ta-dah ! My own Dala horse :)I wrote about it in one of previous posts as a craving...And now I've got it in my hands :) It's so lovely !

It's not everything ;> I've got something to show you, but first I have to use it :) so please wait :)

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  1. psychometrii jako takiej nie mialam, ale mialam metodologie i to chyba to, te wsyztskie plany, wskazniki sryki tysiace rodzajów wszystkiego i stary nudny martwy dziadek spokojnym głosem opowiadający o tym wszystkkim, czulam sie jak harry potter na historii magii ale jakims cudem zaliczyłam, chociaz nic nie robilam cały rok